Product Documentation

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Product information sheet for AntiLog V7.0PDFAntiLog V7.0 Product Info Sheet
Product information sheet for AntiLogPro OEMPDFAntiLogPro OEM Product Info Sheet.pdf

Support Software

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AntiTermPro V2.0

  • PC GUI based Terminal program custom built to support all AntiLog products and the menu system.
  • Simplifies uploading of recorded data via direct serial port connection or direct from the media cards inserted into a card reader.
  • Supports upgrading of all AntiLog products to the very latest software release via an internet connection.
  • Direct support for multi-unit operation.
PDFAntiTermPro User Guide
ProgramAntiTermPro V2.0 Setup 


  • PC command line application to extract log data from AntiLog media cards.
  • Can be built into script and batch processing applications.
PDFAntiLogReader User Guide
ProgramAntiLogReader 6.0